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Studio Address:

109 N. Front St

Philipsburg, PA 16866






Pick up flash drive in studio within Two Days

(if your package comes with one)



Outdoor or your location

travel fee:

$15 per every 1/2 hour beyond studio address



Phone or Texting:


I believe memories should not break the bank.


Affordability & a relaxed atmosphere is what I always promise to bring.

Studio Experience without the high studio pricing!

We also are available outdoors at your choice of location.

Small homelike feeling for your comfort


Over 18 years experience.

Feel free to visit Facebook or tabs above to preview other work

I'm not typically a heavy over editor, I believe our families and ourselves are beautiful already, and I will enhance that and capture your moments as you remember it =)



Thank you for allowing me to be part of your amazing moments in life,

I am truly honored and blessed to meet all of you.

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